Read about our 25+ year history of service.


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In 1994, when Daystar Ranches was just a humble ranch named Daystar Ranch, we were dedicated to our mission which was offering experiential education using horses to enhance learning about ourselves. In 2011, it evolved to supporting equine assisted activities by providing funding, training/support and research/evaluation to affiliate ranches.

Today, in this era of great change, challenge and promise we have broadened its mission statement to building capacity for cooperative action. The work we’ve done for our community and the many friends we’ve made along the way speak for themselves. Our work is important and has changed many lives over the stretch of two decades.

Many of the organizations we’ve welcomed to our Ranch have been the Whatever It Takes After School Program and the Glenn County Foster Care Programs. We’ve supported foster families through County Social Services, helped the Salisbury High School students with their social skills, been a host site for youth services through the Probation Department and brought our horses several years to the annual Tehama County Children’s Fair.

We humbly aided in the development of five host site ranches in the Tehama and Shasta Counties and offered facilitation for professionals.  We hosted professional trainings for both EAGALA and OK Corral Series, as our own staff and other professionals became certified in their programs. We are also still a legally recognized host site for Nightstar Ranch in Cottonwood where our professional  partnership has opened the door for corporate opportunities.

Daystar from 2000 to 2011 was also honored to be an active member of the Tehama County Health Partnership and Tehama County Education Foundation where we were able to find the need we could address assisting the clients of their organizations in succeeding.


Today… the Ranch’s unique approach to Equine Assisted Learning has lead to the creation of new programs namely the Conscious Connection Workshops.

Choices we make in the present surely affect the future that is coming. At Daystar Ranch, we take this long range view in all of our efforts and believe that through education and healing, the future for all of us could be golden.

In the immediate future, we plan to certify others to facilitate these workshops and offer them to their own communities, as we work in partnership with people who are working to achieve functional relationships and improve the quality of life for their clients.


Like the future of mankind itself, the potential here is anything but small, yet the possibilities are nothing but endlessly exciting! Someday, we plan to see a very special ranch become a headquarters and a home for groups and visionaries to come together to plan, learn and act together on ingenious ways to better and enrich our community. We are committed to see our non-profit organization become one that can facilitate, fund and support the endeavors of visionaries that could be administered through our non-profit whose mission is experiential education for well being and growth.

This is vision is intended to be especially inclusive our local American Indian communities who we believe are to become the spiritual leaders in a new world where there is balance in all things, respect for all things and a true acknowledgement for their sovereignty and right to protect the sacredness of water and defend the ancestral lands they share an identity and timeless history with.


We are driven to see a home-ranch become a transformative center, in a physical sense and spiritual sense. We believe in the power of community, the promise of unity and the goodness of the human heart. The Daystar (our sun) isn’t just a symbol of spiritual dependence; its a symbol of hope for a golden age to come, someday, for all peoples and walks of life.