Abby Wize Productions

Abby Wize: A.W.A.

A Saga about a young girl’s journey into humanity’s future.

front cover AWA.jpgIn 2017, Daystar was excited to announce that as part of our expansion to start supporting the projects of other visionaries, our first partnership was going to be with talented author an filmmaker, Lisa Bradley; best known for her book series Abby Wize.

In the series, the story follows the growth and journey of a young horse-loving girl, Abby Wize as she is whisked away into a future where mankind has managed to finally live up to its potential and resolve its issues of hunger, war, greed and prejudice. “As the girl life is transformed by a wonderful future, how is she to make sense of her home time?”



As we continue to usher ourselves into a grander sense of ourselves as a organization, we are looking to support and even fund the journey of Abby Wize as she makes her transition to a video series or even a possible feature film. We excitedly look forward to our first (but surely not our last) partnership to support new transformative experiences for people communities near and far.



Please find about more about Abby Wize and the work of Lisa Bradley by visiting WWW.WIZE.MEDIA


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