Authenticity Workshops

Authenticity Workshops

Discover your true self through connection, self-reflection and discovery!

IMG_7619 2.jpgOur new Authenticity Workshops have been a passion project that has resulted in something truly deep and revealing for anyone who’s ever asked themselves some of the hardest but simplest questions: Who am I? Who is the person that others made me to be? Is that who I truly am? Indeed, nothing can be more powerful that realizing our authentic selves; and for whatever reason, horses have always had a unique ability to read us and challenge us to be in tune with our true self and confident in who we are. Indeed, to bond with and ride a horse is to come to terms with our true natures, face our fears and learn to live comfortably in our own skin. So whether the visitor’s goal is healing or horses, our workshops are ideal way to become a true listener… of horses and people!

That’s the philosophy of the Authenticity Workshops broken down into twelve sessions that all take place in our horse arena, the first three being the three Mindfulness Workshops may have already ready about! The Everyone’s experience will be different and everyone will bring to the Ranch their own hopes, dreams and struggles. Which of course, is life wherever you choose to experience it.

Training of new facilitators is also available to those who have or will have the academic or professional credentials to serve as counselors, therapists or coaches.



For example, the first set is called Connect and Engage which has a specific focus on how we verbally and nonverbally communicate with another being and what we can do with that connection once it’s made and we’re sharpened to engage effectively, clearly and consciously. This set of sessions will help us better understand how we act and react in our own “herd” and how aware we are of our actions and “cues”, whether they are conscious or subconscious.

In the near future, we are also planning on creating Authenticity Workshops specifically for couples (we’re LGBTQ friendly!), parents and people in recovery.

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