HorseWOmanship Workshops


horse tall.pngOur HorseWOmanship Workshop is a very special program indeed because it guides one through the very motherly task of caring for and becoming the guardian of a horse (requires patience!) This workshop is the chance to gain all the skills of a master horseman from a woman’s perspective. In other words, an emphasis on relationship and the feminine values that act as the glue in any intimate bond.

Just as the Authenticity Workshops do, it all starts with three sessions called The Gateways, which the leads to something truly exciting indeed: a horse that follows your lead and has a genuine connection with you. The entire workshop comprises of ten sessions, all of which will take place in our arena.


1. Discover your specialty and your horse!

Much of ones time in the beginning will be focused on finding a horse that fits their stage (and personality!) We’ll also open the doors for our student to meet other professional instructors that specialize in their area of interest (riding, care-taking, racing?!)

2. Become a Co-Owner!

After the ten sessions, the student will at point to where they can buy a share of their horse (at least 20%.) Then as part owner, they will start by being a key part of that horses needs, expenses and life (which isn’t as big a financial burden as one might think!) Personal privileges and time with that will then be given to the student weekly that’ll allow them to practice together and take lessons from both coaches on the ranch and other professional instructors upon the student’s request.

What’s also special about this program is the chance for riders to be trained and fully ready to take their comfort and familiarity on local trails, which tend to be a challenge because so many insurance companies refuse to cover trail rides or charge rental stables so much that they go out of business! This course will put the confidence and credentials where they belong! In you!

3. Decide what your future looks like with horses!

Co-ownership happens contractually two months at a time as the student feels their able (and willing) to pursue the experience of having their own horse. If for whatever reason the student decides to bring the experience to a close, they can sell their share back to the ranch. But for those committed and connected, the expenses will decrease every month. It’s also worth noting that shares can transferred to other horses or even to another person if you decide to the journey is more timely for someone you love!

Of course, there is always the possibility of the student buying all the shares up front and taking their new companion home with them! This plan will never bail out on any horse for every horse is building on their “retirement funds” and health care needs later in life! No horse needs to face an uncertain future. Just as people are entitled to the retirement life they deserve, our horses are earning theirs!

This is truly a special workshop that provides you the experience to see if owning, loving and caring for a horse is right for you; gaining knowledge and skills to build on as lifelong learners.

(Bonus) Join our Co-Owners Club with Professionals!

Finally, graduates are also invited to join our Co-Owners Club where advanced lessons on your area of interest will be available to you. Fun and so very affordable!

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