Our Mission

Our Mission Statement:

“Supporting education that builds capacity for cooperative action.”


Daystar Ranch, for nearly 25 years, has always believed in the kind of personal blossoming that can come about in an experience where people try and learn something new (young or old). Horses have always been such a personally revealing experience for so many people. The kind of things animals can teach us about being human (amongst so many other humans) is astounding. Animals, especially horses, can be healing, nurturing, freeing and most of all surprisingly human

That was the key idea that brought rise to the Daystar Ranch, back in 1994. A visions that believed in experiential education, wherein we could inspire people to think about a much larger human family…  connected in much a way a rider is connected to their horse…




The nine-pointed sun that serves as our logo is a in fact a way to show our admiration for the driving spiritual force behind our work, the Baha’i’ Faith, symbolized by the nine-pointed star. The Baha’i’ Faith is a religion founded in 18th century Persia by a prophet named Baha’u’llah who believed that the prophets of all the World’s Great Religions are manifestations from the same God; all with a distinctive set of timely teachings to help mankind spiritually mature into its best self over the ages. (Krishna with teachings on the nature of the spirit, Buddha with teachings on suffering, Jesus on love, Muhammad on respect, etc.)

In the Baha’i’ Faith, it is said that we live in an era where the teachings of Baha’u’lah himself are most relevant, which primary focus on helping humanity strive towards a peaceful unified world. (The challenge of the time.) While personally, members of the Faith dedicate their lives to becoming the most virtuous human beings they can be, guided by all the teachings of the many prophets.

The Baha’i’ Faith is responsible for shaping the moral center of Daystar Ranches and why we’re committed to the work that we do. We believe the work that happens on our Ranch, for example, carries with it a message that everyone is moving towards a better version of themselves, through trial and error, and that God could never be anything but lovingly supportive of that journey. In the end, we believe that most problems, like the Faith explains, can be resolved by recognizing the unity and oneness in everything, which is a key concept for any horse rider. After all, all horse lovers become good owners and riders when they learn to become good students and understand love and connection. The highest kind of love is divine love which is something we can show each other in the form of human virtues: the only knowable attributes of God in the Baha’i’ Faith.

If you, as our guest, have any questions or curiosities about the Baha’i’ Faith. We recommend (www.bahai.org) or to also watch the short documentary below.

Thank you letting us share what inspires us!

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