The Mobile Ranch

While our home-base is on our host site in Mount Shasta, California. Our Ranch has grown legs to be able to travel to any suitable ranch or site near YOU! Think you know the perfect place for a horse encounter? Please contact us here!

The process is simple but a loving one. Just contact us above, let us know the area you have in mind and give us the breakdown on who owns the land, how the layout, set up and equipment on the site will be accommodating to our horses and what you and your friends and family would like to experience! After a short visit from us, we will then take you through all the options as far as scheduling, pricing and travel costs go. (Don’t worry we’re very reasonable!)

Over the years, we’ve come to understand how difficult it is for many people to find the means and the funds to travel all the way to our site, which is why we worked hard to make sure we, like the Daystar itself, was always there for people that reflect the light of humanity!

Feel free to contact us below!