Daystar Horse Ranch

The Ranch where it all began.

“Helping horses help people”

The Ranch originally located in Guinda, California was, of course, the Ranch our non-profit started as over two decades ago. Several acres of beautiful rolling country hills… and the home of nine trained and lovingly raised horses (all with unique personalities and memorable spirits we assure you!)

Update, Early 2018

Invite Our Horses to Your Ranch!

Today, as the non-profit is expanding, the Ranch itself is currently in transition moving to a much better wide-open location in the same area! So in the meantime, we would love to greatly encourage other ranches and people with open spaces to consider us bringing them to you! This goes especially for other ranches that specialize in rescuing horses and using them for therapeutic programs! For any inquires regarding such a partnership including additional travel costs, please CONTACT US

Since our beginnings, we have offered an opportunity for people to come and ride, experience and connect with our horses (and often experience and connect with themselves as a result.) As we mentioned many times on Daystar, we believe in the power of a new learning experience; and while we now are starting to fund many non-horse related projects, we will continue to do what we do best:

Helping horses help people.


Daystar Ranch has been around for some time, and in that time, we have developed robust programs that are all designed to help people explore who they are, their relationships to other people and their future with horses; incorporating psychology, spiritual ideas and more.

We are currently offering THREE kinds of programs for individuals and/or groups. Click on what you’re interesting in below for more information!





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