Our Team


Our family at Daystar Ranch has only grown over the many years we’ve been around an we’ve been blessed to have such a beautiful group of dedicated and talented human beings making it what it is today; all of whom have brought their bright loving light  and humanity to an already incredible vision.

UntitledKathy Rutan-Sprague
Creative Director/Board Member

Original founder of Daystar Ranch in the early nineties, Kathy identifies as a Follower of the Light who’s “learned a few things about love, life and relationships.” Mother of six and grandmother of 12, she is also a Certified Flight Instructor and a Registered Nurse who’s cared for newborns, mental health patients and for those in hospice including being at the bedside for one person for 36 years.

johnJohn Sprague
Land Caretaker/Board Member

Husband of Kathy Sprague, lover of horses and the Ranch’s most familiar caretaker, John is the father of five who served in the Air Force for 20 years. Specializing in electronic tech, radio operated planes and also having worked as a commercial pilot, he soon retired in Montana where he met Kathy. The two together would then later see the beginnings of what would become Daystar.

14238342_1210877855631564_7343575505442984241_n-1Lisa Bradley
Advisory Board Member

The creator and author of the Abby Wize book series, Lisa works organically between her series, films and related projects on her small horse ranch in Central Arizona. Also a certified level-four Parelli horsewoman, her goal is to visualize and present to others a detailed, positive view of the future. Read more about her work by visiting (www.wize.media)


courageCourage (Red Tail Hawk Watching Closely)
Website/Social Media

A self-titled “Actor. Activist. Adventurer.” Courage is a Chicano and American Indian action-adventure actor and voice actor, activist for social-economic, racial, LGBTQ and cultural issues as well as a martial artist, parkour traceur, survivalist and climber. Read more about his work by visiting (www.couragetheactor.com)


Daystar has had the honor and the privilege of working with so many other organizations, non-profits and business that strive for the same goal Daystar is committed to, and that’s making the community a better place for everyone! A big thank you to everyone we have met along our journey in furthering our mission! If you wish to partner with us in a future event or program or would like to know more about volunteer opportunities, CONTACT US.


Tehama County Health Partnership

Tehama County Education Foundation

Veterans Support: The Coterie and Stand Downs


Tehama County Social Services

Tehama County Mental Health

Shasta Women’s Refuge

Salisbury High School

Glenn County Social Services


EAGALA trainings for EAL and EAP

OK Corral Series with Greg Kirsten

Salisbury High School

Shasta County Mental Health


Cloud Nine Ranch in Gerber

Meliora Ranch in Happy Valley

White Horse Ranch in Red Bluff

Broken Oak Ranch in Gerber

Alladin’s Legacy Ranch in Corning

Nightstar Ranch in Cottonwood

Meliora in Happy Valley

Daystar Horses in Capay Valley


Any business in any community should always support its community in return! This is our way of showing our love to people who’ve demonstrated incredible service to their own community!

We highly recommend you visit these great places and give them your business!